About me

My name is Cordian Henkel and I live near Kassel, Hesse – Germany. I worked five years as an IT-Security Analyst at a critical infrastructure where my day-to-day work was focused on the “Blue Team” side of things.
My honest opinion about IT-Security is that if you want to defend IT-Systems you must have at least the knowledge on how to attack them and some basic skills to do so aswell. Because of this I try to learn as much as possible about pentesting and hacking in my spare time. To motivate myself, keep track of the things that I have done and to have an easy access to a documentation of the things that I have learned in the past, I started my blog Offensive IT.
Since January 2021 I work at Tanium as Technical Account Manager to help big companies to improve their overall IT-Security.

You can find me on XING and LinkedIn.

You can contact me via mail at:  cordian@henkel-security.com